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welcome to the team

After ordering, we individualize the image with your content, which includes:

• Compilation and integration of scenes that represent your content
• Customization of platforms
• Integration of your logo
• Set headline
• Set of scene labels
• on request adjustment of the color combination headline and background
• A change loop for alternative scene suggestions and corrections

The Big Picture is delivered as a Medium Web Picture in the resolution 4,535×2,551 pixels at 72 dpi. It is licensed to the client and may be used by the client worldwide and in digital media in the form supplied.

The integration of further scenes and the creation of additional roll-out media including user licenses can be booked. Explanations and examples can be found under MEDIA. For a non-binding consultation and an individual offer, simply write to us at contact@big-pictury.com


The Onboarding organisational layout helps the Human Resources department of a company involved in Hybrid or remote work styles to orientate new employees in their first days of joining, help new employees feel welcome and considered, and provide resources to help them navigate the difficult first days of entering a new company. This Layout is ideal for adapting to digital whiteboards. Links and documents can be made accessible in the resources section.

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