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Workshop Set “Moonshot Thinking”


The digital package consists of various visual elements which you can use to carry out a workshop on the topic of “moonshot thinking”. The best way to use them is, for instance, on an online whiteboard program such as Miro, in which the elements can be freely arranged, duplicated, superimposed and labelled.

The following are included in the package:
• 1 background template

• 9 scenes and objects

• 1 poster in print quality (59,4 x 37,8 cm, 150dpi)

Please note: Program licences of the programs you use (e.g. Miro, Powerpoint, Photoshop etc.) are not included in our offer.

Individual licence

The package is offered here as an individual licence. As the buyer, your name is printed on the purchase invoice and you are thus the licensee. This means that you may use the set according to our terms of use and that you must also be part of the work with the set, e.g. as a trainer, workshop leader, facilitator or consultant. Presentations of results may be sent and published, e.g. as screenshots or photos and elements may also be used to support the announcement of a workshop. You can find more about the license models of the digital workshop set in our license conditions under paragraph 5.

Big Pictury Community
In addition to the extensive range of possible uses, the licence also offers you further benefits. You are now part of the Big Pictury community and can have a say in the further development of the products. We will regularly update the bundles, i.e. improve and add elements. When the bundle you purchased is updated, you will receive a free update for up to 6 months after the purchase date. As a Big Pictury ambassador, you will receive an additional 6 months. You can easily become an ambassador by allowing us to present your work as a reference on our channels, e.g. excerpts from your workshops, statements, recordings, testimonials or similar, and by sharing them on your channels and tagging us. In order for you to benefit from the updates in the best possible way, you can let us know your individual requests, for instance, what is still missing in the set or what should be adapted, so that you can make even better use of it.

Upgrade to corporate licence
Of course, it is also possible to purchase extended licences. For instance, do you want to make a set available to several trainers, managers or teams in your company? Do you want to sell training sessions or professional training courses and want them to include a bundle licence for your buyers? Feel free to contact us and we will make you a tailor-made offer. What we are also happy to offer here is the customisation of the package with elements tailored to you, such as extra scenes or elements, e.g. headquarters/campus buildings, products, corporate design elements etc. We look forward to hearing from you, also, of course, in case you have any further questions about the range of possibilities available for you to use:

“Moonshot thinking” describes the concept of an almost seemingly crazy approach to achieving difficult and unimaginable goals. “Moonshot” has become synonymous with a task that is meant to fulfil a great meaning.

Moonshot ideas are extraordinary ideas that really make a difference. They are so big that they excite and inspire people and they deal with problems that seem unthinkable and impossible to solve at first glance. At second glance, however, they are quite feasible and not just science fiction. Kennedy made an assessment of the underlying technological trends before his famous speech to ensure that the goal had a reasonable chance of success.

“We’re going to the moon, not because it’s easy, but because it’s hard.”

To apply “Moonshot Thinking” in the company, we have developed a brainstorming tool. With the visual canvas, teams can design, collect and further develop ideas.

A set of visual elements is also available for collaboration in online whiteboards, which teams can use in workshops to design and build their own moonshot journey, making it easier to communicate the visual result further.

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