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5S Poster

We advise you on how to adapt the picture so that your employees can see themselves in it. The Big Picture is delivered as a medium web picture with a resolution of 4,535×2,551 pixels at 72 dpi. It is licensed for the client and may be used by the client in the delivered form worldwide and in digital media. The integration of additional scenes and the creation of supplementary roll-out media including usage licences can be booked in addition. Explanations and examples can be found under MEDIA. For a non-binding consultation and an individual offer, simply write to us at contact@big-pictury.com.

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You want to create and improve lean processes in your company? Our poster on the 5S method can help you to activate employees to deal with the topic.

The 5S method is a long-standing standard for creating safe and clear workplaces. This is mainly due to the improvement potential for production processes that results from the improved overview at the workplace.

You want your employees to take responsibility for optimising processes? Our poster visualises the pillars of the 5S method – select, systematise, clean, standardise and self-discipline – and thus creates a visual understanding.

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