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Big Picture Workplace Safety

With this Big Picture Template you can give a quick and easy overview of the special topics of your company. After ordering, we customise the picture with your content. The following are included:

• Compilation and integration of matching scenes representing your content
• adaptation of the platforms
• integration of your logo
• set headline
• set of scene captions
• customisation of the colour combination, headline and background if desired
• a change loop for alternative scene suggestions and corrections

The Big Picture is supplied as a Medium Web Picture with a resolution of 4,535×2,551 pixels at 72 dpi. It is licensed to the client and may be used by the client in the supplied form worldwide and in digital media.

The integration of further scenes and the creation of supplementary roll-out media including usage licenses can be booked. Explanations and examples can be found under MEDIA. For non-binding advice and an individual offer, simply write to us at

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The creation and maintenance of safe working conditions is not only a legal requirement, but also the basis of every functioning form of employment. Efficient workplace sfety and effective accident prevention can only be achieved if the measures are comprehensively communicated and understood by everyone.

To support this communication, we have developed a Big Picture that helps you to provide a quick and clear overview of all measures and to anchor them in a sustainable way. Through the pictorial representation and easy identification with the situations depicted, what has been learned can be internalized and implemented more easily in day-to-day business.

In the example shown, some sample scenes are depicted. In consultation with you, we will create a custom-fit Big Picture for your company with your concrete measures from social, technical and medical workplace safety.
Higher-level topics such as the presentation of the workplace safety committee and its activities can also play a role. Especially processes, hazards and protective measures in the production and logistics area can be presented with the Big Picture, but also topics from the office and organizational area.

Simply contact us and we will design your safe working environment as a Big Picture so that it becomes and remains a reality.

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