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Hybrid Working Worlds “WSXD Edition”

After ordering, we customise the picture with your content. The following are included:

• Compilation and integration of appropriate scenes that represent your content. (The example image shown here has 21 scenes).
• Adaptation of the platforms
• Integration of your logo
• Set headline
• Set of scene captions
• customisation of the colour combination
• headline and background if desired
• a change loop for alternative scene suggestions and corrections

The Big Picture is supplied as a Medium Web Picture with a resolution of 4,535×2,551 pixels at 72 dpi. It is licensed to the client and may be used by the client in the supplied form worldwide and in digital media.

The integration of further scenes and the creation of supplementary roll-out media including usage licenses can be booked. Explanations and examples can be found under MEDIA. For non-binding advice and an individual offer, simply write to us at contact@big-pictury.com


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It’s about the “Big Picture” if we want to make our working world fit for the future. Together with the company migosens, this Big Picture was created as part of the Work Smart Experience Day, which summarizes the most important levers in the transformation of the working world.

The basis for the image are the 6 dimensions defined by the Work Smart team of migosens: Organization, Employees, Processes, Technology, Space (+ Environment & Surroundings) as well as Legal and Statutory Requirements. The picture is a tool for everyone who is in the process of making their company and working methods fit for the future and making them more hybrid. Because the future of work is not black and white – everyone in the office or everyone in the home office – the future is colorful in many facets in between, individually different depending on the company, on the task and personal needs of the team.

You can now have this Big Picture adapted with your specific content, texts, selected detail scenes and corporate design elements, as tool for communication and collaboration in your own transformation. Simply select how many detail scenes you want to display and which roll-out media you want to use in addition to the web resolution. In terms of content, you are not yet at the point where you can communicate specific fields of action, which then flow into your Big Picture? The Work Smart team of our content partner migosens will be happy to support you in finding the target image and the subsequent implementation in the company: https://migosens.de/work-smart/

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